1. What’s The Best Choice, a Vinyl Pool Liner or Concrete?

    Are you considering a new backyard pool for your family? Congratulations! We know from experience that a family pool can mean years of family fun. We also know that it is a big investment and decision that no one should take lightly. Do your research and make the best choice for your family. Of course, we think vinyl pools are great. But there are other good options too. Your decision will be made…Read More

  2. Dogs in the Pool: Pros and Cons

    During hot and humid Georgia summers, everyone loves to get into your family pool, including the pooch. But is it a good idea to include your dog in the family fun? When you’ve been in the pool installation and maintenance business for as long as we have, you hear a lot of opinions on the subject. We think you are smart enough to make the right choice for your family, your dog, and your pool. He…Read More

  3. Pool and Spa Maintenance Tips

    You’ve invested a lot in your swimming pool or spa, and you know it is important to have regularly-scheduled, professional maintenance. But what should you do in between your scheduled service? We’ve got some tips for you. Maintenance Tips for Pools and Spas When you are using your pool or spa a lot, you’ll definitely notice the water getting a bit more hazy, and looking less welcoming than …Read More

  4. Choosing the Best Pool Builder

    If you are considering building a new pool, do your research and follow these tips to find a great pool builder and avoid the old bait and switch. We suggest starting your search with North Georgia Pools. You’ll find that we check the boxes for all of these must-haves for a professional pool contractor. Speaking of the old bait and switch—We’ve all heard the horror stories. Someone signs a c…Read More

  5. Want a Pool? What You Should Know Before Getting an Estimate

    It may be winter now, but if you're looking ahead to the warmer months and imagining a pool in your yard, you are in good company! Pools and spas provide incredible benefits wherever they are installed. The opportunities for relaxation and recreation are endless. Not just that, pools and spas are beautiful. They enhance the value of your property. They give you a refuge when the Georgia summer is …Read More

  6. Freezing Temperatures and Your Pool – Part 2

    Georgia's winter season has arrived! Though we are known as a warm southern state, things can get pretty chilly here, especially in the northern part of the state. We're familiar with below-freezing temperatures, and our pools are, too! The key is knowing how to equip your pool to make it to April and May, especially if you decide to keep it running. Many people shut their pools down over the wint…Read More

  7. Freezing Temperatures and Your Pool – Part 1

    Georgia may be a southern state, but our winter temperatures are nothing to sneeze at. It is possible for us to drop below freezing at night during the wintertime, and if you have decided to keep your pool running in the colder months, it will need a little help to prevent it from suffering expensive damages. North Georgia Pools is proud to not only be a world-class pool source, but to also be unb…Read More

  8. Above-Ground Pools FAQ – Part 2

    Whether you want an above-ground pool or you already have one, there is always more to learn. In our last blog, we answered a few frequently-asked questions about above-ground pools, including landscaping, lighting, and moving questions. Today, we want to answer a few more questions to make your life with an above-ground pool as pleasant as possible. I want to make my pool last longer. How? Don't …Read More

  9. Above-Ground Pools FAQ – Part 1

    When you live in Georgia, a swimming pool is a great investment. You get to enjoy it a majority of the year, and it can be an actually lifesaver in the summer. No matter what your property or budget looks like, there are options for you, including above ground pools. Now that we're headed into the cooler months, we wanted to take some time to answer some commonly-asked questions about above-ground…Read More