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Custom Designed Pools

Why Would I Choose A Fiberglass Pool?

Fiberglass pools are still the most popular in-ground pool choice in America. They stand up to anything, are quickly installed and they come complete with molded sun decks, steps and benches.

While they are expensive to install, fiberglass pools have the lowest overall cost of ownership. They require less maintenance, fewer repairs and are less expensive to maintain.

  • Fiberglass pools have a smooth, non-porous surface that does not harbor resident algae.
  • Fiberglass pools do not require algaecides to combat algae and therefore use 1/3 less chemicals.
  • Fiberglass is an inert material that does not react to water and will not affect water chemistry.
  • Fiberglass pools’ non-porous surface makes cleaning easier and reduces MAINTENANCE by 90 percent.
  • Fiberglass pools are the only permanent in ground pools made. They get stronger with age.

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