Why Would I Choose A Vinyl Liner Pool?

Vinyl-liner pools are an extremely flexible option no matter what your ultimate vision is for your pool. Because it has been used in pools for more than 60 years, it has been continually improved to the point that its strength, durability and beauty are hard to beat. You can expect your vinyl pool to last a lifetime. It isn’t a temporary installation.

Besides the fact that vinyl-lined pools are easy to clean and maintain, they are also beautiful. They allow you to get the look of tile bottoms and detail work, with virtually none of the cost.

You can also build a vinyl-lined pool in a space where a fiberglass pool simply isn’t an option.

Vinyl liners are extremely UV resistant and are treated with a special fungicide to inhibit the growth of pool bacteria. The softer feel of the vinyl liner is also comfortable to the touch and will not scratch skin or snag swimsuits.